About Me

Anne S. Jacobsen, Educated Claims handler and Sports Masseur
Graduated from JFMI – Jysk Physiologically Massage Institute in Horsens.

Massage is something I have always been interested in and over the years, probably like many others, enjoyed being able to give a little comfort to friends, family and colleagues when they needed it. But it was only in 2013, when I once again stood in the middle of a very hectic work period that I finally understood that it was time to add other, more tranquil energy to my life. I therefore decided to take masseur training, which I could use alongside my regular job

It turned out that there are a multitude of schools, but I eventually found until Jysk Physiologically Massage Institute in Horsens. Here are taught by dedicated teachers. The level is high and expectations for student engagement and attendance is great. Here, all students must pass both a written and a practical exam conducted by a doctor (orthopedic surgeon), assisted by the school principal, himself a masseur with many in the industry.

Practical experience is important in this business, and I have from the very beginning of the training been challenged by friends, family and especially colleagues with disabilities and tired bodies. I have found great joy in being able to help others with their muscle pain – chronic and acute migraines so on. I have also given some spa treatments to those who are good at and want to take care of themselves. Massage is not ONLY when it is already too late, but can be also used as a preventive treatment.

As a trained Claims handler and Sports Masseur I am now dressed very well on to make a difference for the clients I meet and get pleasure of dealing with. But I have been bitten by profession and is far from finished to learn more, so I will regularly continue – to the delight of myself and of course for the benefit of my clients.


Certified Claims handler and Sports Masseur (September, 2016)

Medical Certified Masseur (June, 2014)


Knækusus (May, 2016)

Bindevævskursus (January, 2016)

Termologisk Massage (Hot Stone) (January, 2015)

I am also a member of BFM – Association of Physiotherapy Massage – your assurance of professional treatment.


The clinic is open only by appointment. You can book time for processing online from this site, or by calling me. If I am concerned with the treatment you are welcome to leave a message. I will contact you as soon as I can. You can book treatments in the period: Tuesday and Thursday between the hours. 17:30 pm. 20:30 Saturday between Kl. 10:00 pm. 15:30


Cancellation must be made 24 hours prior to your agreed treatment. Cancellations later than 24 hours costs 50% of the treatment price, the cancellation an hour before or by default, I take full payment for treatment.

You can cancel by phone (also on the answering machine) or via my online booking system. I do not accept cancellations by email.


My clinic is mobile. This means that I come to you with everything needed for treatment. However, be sure that the location for the treatment has an empty floor space of approximately 2 x 3 meters and that the surroundings are quiet, so you have the opportunity to relax and enjoy the treatment.


Running within a radius of 5 km from the center of Holstebro is included in the price, then down 10.00 kr./km added to the price.


Gift Cards

With gift cards from Glade muscles, you can be sure that the recipient will be very well treated.
I buy a gift voucher on all treatments.
Please note that gift vouchers must be redeemed within 12 months. From the date of purchase and that the same rules apply for cancellation as for a normal booking.


Wellness Massage

A more gentle treatment of the musculature. The massage process gently muscle tension and stimulates blood circulation, so your body can get separated waste.

With wellness massage a more calm and relaxed body that is more resistant to muscle tension, and you will experience a pleasant feeling of increased well-being.

Connective Tissue

which include also known as vacuum therapy and cupping

Connective tissue is a treatment form in which work with suction cups, which stimulate and increase blood and lymph circulation in the skin and muscle tissue so that waste products are excreted from the body’s tissues. There is in the treatment laid a deep drag on the skin using suction cups, resulting in the skin becomes red and warm due. The increased blood circulation.

After the treatment you feel is often emotionally relieved. The result is relaxed muscles and – after several treatments in a row – a smoother and firmer skin.

Connective tissue can be used as an independent treatment or as a supplement to the physiological massage.

Physiologically Massage

also known as physiotherapy and sports massage

After a thorough heating of your muscles, I will continue to work deep into the muscles using specific tag and press. The work stimulates blood circulation, increases blood flow and lymfedræningen which helps in the excretion of waste products massage loosens up the muscles and tissues. Once the waste materials have been loosened and carried away, the aches and pains diminish and eventually disappear.

After treatment, most people experience greater mobility and flexibility in the body’s muscles, tendons and joints. The body feels warm and relaxed. Some feel tired, others that they’ve got more energy. But you can also experience a good soreness in the muscles up to a few days after the event – as when one has been started at the gym. This is normal, as long as it does not get worse or persist.

Our Pricing Tables

One Time

Wellness Massage

  • 30 minutes kr.
  • 45 minutes kr.
  • 60 minutes kr.
  • 80 minutes kr.
  • The treatment time is inclusive dressing and undressing.
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One Time

connective tissue massage

  • Connective tissue massage (30 min.) Xx kr.
  • Connective tissue massage (45 min.) Xx kr.
  • connective tissue combined
  • with normal temperature. Massage (60 min.) Xx kr.
  • The treatment time is inclusive dressing and undressing.
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One Time

physiologically Massage

  • Back massage (30 min.) xx kr.
  • Back massage incl. upper bale (45 min.) xx kr.
  • Ben incl. lower bale (45 min.) xx kr.
  • full body (60 min.) xx kr.
  • Full body (75 min.) xx kr.
  • + Deep tissue massage (75 min.) Xx kr.
  • The treatment time is inclusive dressing and undressing.
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Anne S. Jacobsen Skadesbehandler & Sportsmassør